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I have purposely been saving this writing assignment for now, knowing my feelings about it are about to come to a head. This one challenges me to write about a place. This was easy. This place, my current home.

A little over eight years ago, we moved into this home. We had walked through it three times over the space of a couple of months, not sure that it was right for us. Without a real garage, and only one full bathroom, it felt like a little bit of a compromise at the time. However, it didn't take long to feel like home. I adored the character of this house, built in 1941. There were arched doorways, built-in cupboards and bookshelves, glass doorknobs and gleaming hardwood floors. Over the years, we made it our own, with paint and furniture and curtains.

When we moved in, the girls were 7 and 10. So much has happened for them here. Recovering from surgeries, first kisses, broken hearts, parties, Christmas mornings, new pets and losing pets, big decisions, their parents' divorce and learning to welcome a new man into the family. The same goes for me. So many changes - I've found the new me here. I was a single mom here, managing to make ends meet on my own. I learned a little independence after never really having been on my own before. I built a photo studio for my business in this space. And best of all, I fell in love again. This has been a home I've been proud of. It is a part of me, a part of my story.

In two weeks, we will be moving away from this home. A tough, but necessary decision. I know we will make new, lovely memories in our new home. I know that the life of this place will move on and the new owners will take good care of it, starting their lives together, the beginnings of a brand new family. I finally feel it is right. It's time for a new chapter for us and this home. It is time to move on.

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