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An "adult"

Today, my oldest turns eighteen. It's so cliché, but it really, truly has gone by SO quickly!

The young woman she has become makes me proud is so many ways. I know she will continue to make me proud through her adult years. Her future it bright!

This year holds so many unknowns and changes for her, and for us! She's currently applied to 3 colleges, so far received acceptances to 2. We've filled out the FASFA, we've looked into scholarships, and we've visited and researched possible schools. I'm excited to see what her next step will be. At the same time, I'm scared to death to let her go. She's my baby! Is she ready? For the most part, yes. I know she'll learn as she goes and I'll always be here to support her, root for her, and help when I can. I hope she knows that. And I hope she knows how much I'm going to miss her every single day.

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