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Back in Business!

Spring is beginning to arrive in its slow and teasing way. I love this time of year!

I have been on a break from my photography business for the past few months, and I am sure now that it was the right choice for me. Over the months, I have enjoyed having my weekends with my family, and simply not having ANY plans on the occasional Saturday. Lovely!

However, I have begun to miss it. The creative process, the challenge, and the PEOPLE. I miss you! The beginnings of spring have brought me outside with my camera and confirmed that I am simply not finished with the part of my life.

I've changed my mind over and over through the past months about what my business will be when it returns. I've considered only offering mini-sessions. I've considered only shooting families and children - foregoing the more stressful and time consuming newborns and weddings. But in the end, I really do miss it all. I am making some adjustments to my website, offerings, pricing, and whatnot. I'll attempt to consolidate sessions to give myself more days off as well. I'll learn to say no when it's not something that I am really feeling. I want to continue to offer the best experience and images that I can, and I'll need to take steps to avoid burnout to do so.

I'm excited to start scheduling sessions again! I am working through some ideas for a day of spring mini-sessions, and can't wait to meet new clients and see some old friends. Let's have some fun and capture some beautiful images of you and your loves!

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