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My Writing Lesson this week asks what it is that I contribute. I know there are tangible things that I contribute to my friends and family. I give my time and efforts to my job and organizations I care about. But what I really wish to contribute is inspiration. I've tried several ways throughout the years to inspire the people around me to tap into their creative side. Every day I try to inspire by example. Creating in one way or another - at work in the Print Shop, taking and sharing photographs, writing things like this blog. On more than one occasion I've started creative groups on social media, challenges to regularly create and share. I hope somewhere along the line I've influenced someone to tap into their creative side.

I believe everyone is creative and has the ability to turn imaginative or original ideas into reality through some form. Some people just haven’t explored it. I hope to get people to perceive the world in new ways. There are so many beautiful ways to take it all in and put more beauty out into the world around us.

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