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Grieving Digital Media

It's a lesson I learned the hard way. We've come to think of the internet as a reliable, stable thing. However, I've come to realize this isn't always the case in the long run.

From the time my kids were pretty small I had a blog named "Random Ramblings of a Never Content Mom". That's exactly what it was. Random ramblings about the struggles I experienced with motherhood and our daily life as a family, with a ton of photos and anecdotes and musings added in over years and years.

On that same blogger account, I had created a separate blog for my photography business. I spent hours and hours over the years uploading the best images from each session I shot, writing about each session and family.

Then, one day when I was on vacation with girlfriends in Florida, I was fooling around on my phone and decided it was time to finally consolidate the 3 separate google accounts I had somehow created over time into one. I followed the directions, migrating information and links to the proper places. And then after that was all completed, I hit DELETE on the old accounts.

Along with those deleted accounts apparently went my blogger account. All of it. It was gone.

I sat there on the balcony of that room in Florida and realized all of my hours of work and creativity and MEMORIES of my babies were now lost to the oblivion of the giant trash can on the web. I tried recovery. I researched the crap out of it. It was useless. It was gone.

Luckily, the year prior I had used to create a beautiful hardcover book of my Random Ramblings. THANK GOD. The recent posts about my divorce and the meeting of my new love were still gone, but I have my musings and photos for the girls to read someday, as I'd always intended.

The other time I trusted the internet to keep my memories safe, I wasn't so lucky. Years and years ago with my kids were tiny, I started using to keep and share photos and videos with friends and family. This was before Facebook and Instagram. I could upload a gallery and share a link with those who would enjoy cheesy photos of my girls along with videos of their first words, cute toddling antics and adorable squeals. I even paid the $100 for the "lifetime membership" allowing me to upload unlimited images and videos forever. Or so I thought.

Since the birth of Facebook and Instagram and all the different ways people now share photos online, I'd stopped adding so much to dropbox. However, I have spent several evenings cuddled up on the couch with the girls watching the old videos and scrolling through pictures "remembering when". I honestly didn't visit it very often, but I knew they were there. Someday I would download everything and do something with it. Or so I thought.

After a pretty long stent away from the site, I recently went to look at it and found this:

Please, please, please back up your memories. Put the photos and videos on external hard drives, or better yet, PRINT THOSE PHOTOS! Use services like I did to create physical books or records of what you've unsuspectingly saved on the world wide web for safe keeping. Nothing is safe on the internet. That "cloud" you're backing everything up to could suddenly cease to exist and there's nothing you can do about it. Protect those memories, friends!

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