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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Let's not mention how behind I am falling in this writing course. It will take me longer than a year. Who cares....

The thing about new beginnings, is they're scary! Trudging into the unknown is not an easy task for most people, especially those with anxiety issues like myself. However, I have learned over my lifetime that it's almost always WORTH it.

When I found myself dating again at 35, I had no idea what I was doing. I hadn't actually ever done the adult dating thing. My ex-husband and I started "going together" right after I turned 16, moved out together at 18, were married at 19 and started having babies soon after. High school "dating" of movies and Friday night football were all I had ever experienced.

It was difficult putting myself out there like I really never had, but this turned out to be one of the definitely WORTH it times.

When I met Tom in person for the first time, I was so incredibly nervous. I took my camera as a "security blanket" so I could interrupt any awkward moments by shooting photos of the surroundings. It didn't take long for me to stick the camera back in my car and enjoy getting to know him.

Our physical distance from one another sort of forced our relationship to begin slowly. We texted or talked every day, but only met up once a week on the weekend. Sometimes the only moments we could find to see each other in person were to drive towards one another and meet in the middle. We'd park and one of us would sit in the other's car for a short time. We'd hold hands and talk and just enjoy our stolen moments together, then return to our lives until the following weekend. I don't think either of us were totally ready for this relationship that began to bloom, but when someone makes you feel alive again, the risk is totally worth it.

It was the perfect beginning for us. We learned to appreciate our moments together. We know what it's like to miss each other and yearn for the weekend. It was the perfect beginning for our greatest love story.

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Mar 01, 2021

Love you Baby, you made driving an hour to spend a few minutes together so easy.

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