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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Lesson 1 of this writing course leads me to explore the obstacles and roadblocks in the way of my goals. I've thought about this for a day or so and I have come to the conclusion that my biggest obstacle towards my goals is, in fact, my own self-doubt.

I am a photographer. While I know it is truth, as I do make money from my photography and have been for over nine years, I hesitate in calling myself a "Professional" Photographer...

My interest in photography actually began when I started reading the blog by The Pioneer Woman - way back before she was a famous Food Network star. She was interested in photography, taking great shots of her kids and posting tutorials about how she edited them. I started taking photos of everything. This eventually turned into a project365, where I took one photo every day for a year. It was such a learning experience and I loved it more and more every day.

One day, my friend asked if I would take photos of her family, and offered to pay me a session fee. I really enjoyed the experience, and with the help of the internet and word-of-mouth, my "business" grew and grew. Over the years, I've learned new skills in photography, editing and the whole client building process. As just a side-gig, I've allowed myself to keep pricing to a point where I can hopefully keep people coming back to me, while still helping to support my family a little bit. I've met so many people as clients who have become more like friends, and it's so incredible to me to actually get to watch these families grow and change over the years.

However, all the while I've been full of self-doubt. I've spent many of those years feeling unsure of myself and my skills. I've watched loyal clients and friends go to other photographers for sessions, and while trying not to take it personally, it's only natural. Other photographers in my area are so very talented and I admire how they can put so much time and effort into their businesses. I know they say to never compare yourself to others, but that's exactly what I did - and still do! It's a definite "road block" for me, and I continue to try and work past it.

Lately, in these lazy, crazy days of quarantine at my home for Covid, I've even allowed myself to wonder if this business that just happened is what I actually want for my life. As is perfect timing, just as I was wondering, I received two inquiries from past clients about sessions later this month. Of course I want to capture them! These are my growing families!

I will continue to work on my craft, and that is how I'll hopefully get past these feelings of inadequacy that pop up. I will work harder at not comparing my work to others. My work is MY ART. I will keep creating it as long as others continue to enjoy it.

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