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  • Angie Dotson

Teenage Dirtbags, Baby

They said the all-nighters of the newborn phase was the hardest. Then they said it was the terrible, tantruming toddler years. Then dealing with homework, schooldays, puberty and all that.

Yes, those days (and nights) were so incredibly hard. However, every phase feels to be the hardest while you're living it. And right now, I'm enduring the teenage phase, so help me God.

I'm starting to believe all of those phases before are simply training exercises for the mother of all mothering phases...

When they were newborns, they were conditioning us to deal with crazy sleep schedules, all kinds of smells and constant hunger. The toddler years make us experts at sorting out the true emergencies from the ridiculous mood swings. Juggling the schedules of the school years ought to have gotten us used to the constant changing of plans without notice, and piles of gas money flying out the door. Yet, we are totally unprepared. Totally. Unprepared.

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