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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I've decided not to pressure myself on the writing course, and take a break from it for now.

I have been feeling like my life is in a bit of a transition phase over the past few months, and I've been contemplating what all that should entail. Over the past several weeks, we have moved to a new home, which is still in transition as the previous owner continues to renovate our home with no true end in site. While we're very happy with our new home, it will be lovely for it to be completed and totally unpacked and settled.

A couple of weeks ago we also moved my oldest to college and while I'm over the moon excited for her new beginnings, adventures and steps into the next phase of her life, it's left me feeling a "little" extra emotional, nostalgic and just kinda wishy-washy... that's not the right word for it, but it's not coming to me at the moment.

My youngest is struggling with her crazy teenage emotions and navigating the struggles of not being part of the popular (or any) crowd in high school, along with the ups and downs of her first real boyfriend relationship. My emotions are far too connected to those of my girls, I'm learning. I am taking these roller coaster rides with them both it seems. I have the HARDEST time not being able to help them through their struggles. I just want to fix it all!

These recent changes have me evaluating everything else all of the sudden. My photography business, for instance. My feelings about it have changed. I think I need to focus on falling back in love with the creative side of it. I'm hoping our delayed honeymoon out west later this month will help spark that part of me back to life. I am excited to capture more variety!

Wherever this transitional phase leads, I know that I have found the right guy to help me through it. He has more patience with me than I should ever expect and I know he'll be there to catch me wherever I end up coming out of this. While I am stressed, I am also definitely blessed.

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